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Solutions In Document Technology
Experience. Innovation. Continuous creativity. Managing change. PDM has developed through many generations of technology, elevating data publishing to a level not seen in this industry. PDM solves problems with minds, software and cost-effective technologies. Talk to us about your needs and let us put you on the path to successful publication management.
About Us
PDM has been an innovation leader in providing publishing solutions since 1970. Beginning as a phototypesetting company with a strong client base in the financial services, advertising, design, magazine and book publishing, corporate identity and manufacturing services sectors, we have changed with the advancing technologies into a company which specializes in developing and using programming-based automated document publishing tools to facilitate cost- and time-efficient ways to bring your content to web or print.

Our programmers, database administrators, designers, and desktop publishing professionals utilize and create leading edge methodologies to facilitate your needs for any and all documents, from the most data-driven financial mandatory reports to documents requiring advanced automation of graphics and text. We can facilitate your business by creating technical means for analysing data, tracking website usage and generating and automatically delivering reports to as many users as you specify, accurately and on schedule. Our automated systems enable you to produce content in a number of languages simultaneously and to multiversion materials to suit the varying needs of your users, such as regional editions, retail or wholesale versions, financial prospectuses offering different share classes of returns, etc.

We  are setup to file your financial documents with the SEC in EDGAR or EDGAR II formats, and many of our products offer you the ability to automatically generate blacklined proofs and EDGAR II files.

We lead the way in data management and conversion, document content management, desktop publishing and software creation specifically tailored to mesh with your corporate culture, your staff needs and your budgetary constraints. Let us help you design your document solutions to achieve success at a moderate cost and ontime.